Domipad 10'' Picturetouch

Just like a normal picture frame, insert your own photo or drawing behind the glass. For example, it could depict your lounge design overlaid with 'touch-spots' to control lighting in each area. Create your design, insert it behind the glass, then simply touch the screen for it to learn where the 'spots' are and what function each will perform.


Exclusively available from Domia Lifestyle, the Domia Touch-Screen is a new and truly innovative controller. Battery powered and completely wireless, it discretely hangs on the wall just like a normal picture and is available in a range of frame colours to suite your décor.

When touched, the 'spots' you've created wirelessly transmit your chosen command to your Rako receiver(s). This allows you to control individual devices.

The result is a low cost, highly flexible and fully customisable control panel with possibilities as wide as your imagination.

A (Microsoft Word) template is downloadable by clicking here. It allows any PC with an A4 printer attached to create a background picture with 'button' positions overlaid where you want them.

The template is only an example; you may choose to create a picture without using a computer or using a different software package.

However you decide to create your background picture, these instructions will show how to install it behind the touch-glass and teach the unit where the 'button' positions are and what functions they will perform.

All you will need is a small flat bladed screwdriver.

Limited stock available for £120 Sale price £80 (RAKO Model Only)
Order Code: DPTS10 - RK


N.B. As an End Of Line product, these units are fully tested, but sold as seen. Refunds are not available. No warranty is supplied.
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