About us

Domia Lifestyle is Europe's leading developer of home automation software, hardware and lifestyle systems. Our goal is to make home automation flexible, simple and comprehensive by offering a completely integrated lifestyle product range.

The company integrates a vast array of smart applications such as audio & video, lighting, climate control (HVAC), security and surveillance into complete and affordable digital home solutions.

So what makes us different to other smart home providers?
  • Because our core software is integrated with existing world class technologies, we can provide superior and/ or unique user interfaces such as Vista MCE, mobile phone and web interfaces.
  • We offer fast support times and software developed for the international market.
  • Because we use other people's known technology platforms, our systems require less training to use and are more intuitive than competitors.
  • Our system is designed in a form that has more modules at a wider variety of price points, so you can customise and grow an entire solution in stages.
  • Our middleware software is very flexible allowing you to use any equipment, in any system, from any supplier - seamlessly.

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