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Harmony CCTV Server
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Harmony CCTV Server:

CCTV Server

Keep your home and family safe with Harmony CCTV Server...

Harmony CCTV Server is a PC based CCTV surveillance system. For each camera, you can view and record a real time video. Harmony CCTV Server can integrate with Harmony 2007 to allow events to run based on the camera images. For example, if motion is detected on a specific camera, a security light can be turned on for a time period.


Harmony Package Features:

  • Connect: Control either internal cameras via a capture card, webcam or external IP Cameras
  • Scale: Add and control as many cameras as your system can handle!
  • Power: Uses a multi-threading framework to fully maximise the latest high performance multi core processors
  • Record: Utilizes the latest codec's such as DIVX allowing you to you to use much less storage when recording
  • Alert: Full motion detection with the ability to mask specific parts of the camera as well as support to trigger events in other members of the harmony software family
  • Stream: Supports full RTSP streaming
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