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A day in the life of Domia Lifestyle...

07:00 “Wake up!”
Slowly brightens up the lighting in the room and selects energising music to ease your wake up. Blinds slowly open, boiler kicks into life for a nice warm shower and the kettle boils for an early coffee.

08:30 “Ready for work”
At the touch of a button set your home to “away mode”. Lighting and appliances are powered down to save energy while you are out and house is secured through central locking and access control system.

12:00 “Quick check on the house”
Monitor real times image delivered from your CCTV cameras installed within your home via the internet. Mainly for extra peace of mind, after all if intrusion is detected you will be informed via a text message.

16:00 “Home later than planned”
Set evening lighting to simulate occupancy and delay heating by an hour to save energy.

18:00 “Back Home”
And the house knows you are! The oven is now warming for dinner and mood lighting has been set for a special evening.

19:30 “Guests Arrive”
Scan through the cover art of your CD collection for appropriate music. Play exactly what you want to play in each room of the house.

23:30 “Goodnight”
It is bedtime and at a touch of a button simply “switch off” your house. Courtesy lighting guides you to the bathroom based on motion sensors during the night. Rest easy knowing you are protected by a variety of sensors such as fire, gas and water all controlled via your Domia Lifestyle solution.

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